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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Trekking in Chefchaouen

We are back from a couple of days trekking in the mountains near Chefchaouen.

Chefchaouen is a little outpost at the edge of the Rif moutains, kind of forgotten by the governtment - a fact that is reflected in the poor roads and lack of infrastructure. The town was a very welcome change from the hustle and bustle of Fez and Marakkesh.

Cities have colors here, earthy red for Marakesh, yellow for Fez. For Chefchaouen, it is baby blue - probably introduced by Jewish residents less than a century ago. In any case, it stuck. Walls, floors, alleys, often have a blue tint. We even watched some paint specked girls freshening up a coat at almost 10 pm.

It is a pretty town overall, with mountains in the background and many women decked out in red and white striped table clothes (or so they appeared) the other traditional colors.

The trek was great. There are a series of guest houses in the moutains, connected by dirt roads and trails. For about $25, you get a bed, a great place to relax, meals (with local honey and other fresh ingrediantes) and a very welcoming host. Throughout this trip I never felt that Morocco was as friendly as Turkey, but this was not true in the Rif mountains. People were happy to chat or have us sit, even if language was not so conducive.

The region is full or marijuana, like I have never seen! Tons of mountainsides were terraced and planted with nothing but. All the, um, herb being grown meant lots of irrigation water being piped from up high. This was a god send as the days were still hot hot hot and the hills steep. Yona took to wearing a magic talisman of energy aka a water soaked towel to get through the hikes.

We were hoping to see the barbary apes, but the closest we came was hearing the hoot hoot hoot of a boy pretending to be a monkey.

Tomorrow it is off to Barcelona. There is more to write about Morocco, but it will have to wait. We will probably get another post or two in before getting home, but with no internet at my aunts house in S France, you never know.


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